3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Online Business Idea for less than $60

business start tips Jun 19, 2018

Starting an online business may seem overwhelming but what if I told you that you could jumpstart your online business for less than $60 in 3 steps?  Would you be interested?

I know it sounds like another get rich quick scam or too good to be true but I promise you that it is not a scam and it is true. In fact, I wish someone had told me to focus on these major steps instead of getting distracted by websites and marketing tools.  While these things are important, initially, you need paying clients for your business idea.

However, when you are at the beginning phase of "Will people pay for my idea?", you may be unknown on the internet so it is unlikely that you will have a huge Facebook Fan Page or a large following on your YouTube Channel.

So, how to do prove that your idea is profitable, gather feedback and testimonials?

Here is a 3-step plan of attack that is affordable, not too difficult to implement and validates your business idea for less...

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