Marketing Strategies for Online Videos Made Simple

I'm Terry M. Lee and I teach you how to implement simple marketing strategies as you create online courses, sales videos, webinars and live streams!

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10 Strategies and Tips to produce awesome online courses!


Who is Terry M. Lee?

Terry M. Lee is a teacher-at-heart, single mom aka Auntie and introvert in Gilbert, AZ, who helps entrepreneurs grow their online business via step-by-step videos!


"Terry is the woman to call whether you are in doubt about your tech set-up or if you are in a full-on tech crisis. She is calm and reassuring when there are tech issues to be sorted through. When I called on Terry for her assistance, she was gracious, timely, and patient, and fixed the tech issue thereby saving me several hours of confusion and distress. I recommend her services and expertise without reservation. Terry is great to work with!"

Christine Li
The Procrastination Coach,

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